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There was a great period in architecture and design when people like Buckminster Fuller,...

Back in January, Sam mused that Detroit was no longer the home of car...

Mercedes-Benz is poised to debut a new coupe-SUV at the forthcoming Auto China show...

Honda Motor (China) Investment Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned Honda subsidiary in China, has announced...

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., India’s largest sport-utility vehicle manufacturer and 70 percent owner of...

  • It was pretty clear last week that there were some great truck designs in the past, but are we now in a time when no company is brave enough to take chances in design terms? There are certainly many more challenges with ‘type approval’, certification, homologation and new laws and regulations, but I do think […]

  • The Lincoln Continental concept was unveiled at an event in New York this week, just prior to making its debut at the 2015 auto show. It’s an important step for Ford’s luxury car brand as it struggles to regain lost market share and recapture the glamour of its past – before luxury car buyers began […]

  • Created at Nissan’s design studio in Atsugi, Kanagawa Prefecture of Japan, the Sway hatchback concept shows Nissan’s design language as applied to a compact B-segment vehicle. And it’s a very successful interpretation. “Currently we’ve established a very strong design direction in the crossover segment, like the Juke, new Qashqai and the new X-Trail,” says Mamoru […]

  • Great lines, great colors and great marques in disarray? There were interesting opportunities to see some great colors and some fascinating contrast whilst looking at the same cars in different colors at the Geneva show. However, one of the most interesting cars that needed close examination and an understanding of why it looked as it […]

  • Lexus is looking to the compact segment with the LF-SA concept, a vehicle that previews a possible A-segment contender from the Japanese luxury brand. The very contemporary, albeit aggressive, vehicle was designed at Toyota’s European Design Center, ED2, in Nice, France. “It was a study of the package – the starting point was the iQ […]

  • I recently found myself in the situation of needing to clarify the word ‘designer’. I was credited as being the designer of a certain car for a major automotive company. An engineer with that company felt that he was the designer and I was the ‘stylist’. There is no clear distinction between the two titles […]

  • When I first came across Syd Mead’s work back in the late ’60s and early ’70s it was popular to strongly criticize his illustrative abilities as being all about the background and not about the design. I think that the truth was that all of us young designers were so overwhelmed by his spectacular technique […]

  • The Prologue concept is a showcase for the future design direction for the Audi brand. Just as its name implies, it is a prologue, an epithet to showcase Audi’s manifesto, brand values and intent, and with it signal the arrival of a new leader, Marc Lichte, who joined the company in February last year. That […]

  • Back in 1959, the British Motor Corporation (BMC) introduced a remarkable new small car. There were two model names for the two mass-production divisions of the company: Morris had the Morris Mini Minor whilst Austin had the strangely named Austin Se7en. The idea was to link the new car to the original Austin 7 and […]

  • If you don’t know who Daniel Simon is you’ve probably been living under a rock for the last decade. Or maybe you’re one of those cave dwellers I’ve been hearing so much about. Chances are you’re not, as you’re reading this and therefore require Internet access. But that still doesn’t mean you don’t go home […]

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  • Giorgetto Giugiaro on Design

    “It is first and foremost functionality, without a doubt, that validates the project. Everything, unless strictly a work of art, has a functional value.”

    Giorgetto Giugiaro on Design
  • Chris Bangle on cars

    “Cars are not a suit of clothes; cars are an avatar. Cars are an expansion of yourself: they take your thoughts, your ideas, your emotions, and they multiply it.”

    Chris Bangle on cars
  • Fiat Design Director Lorenzo Ramaciotti on the new Quattroporte

    “Its style was born out of the guiding design principles of Maserati: harmony of shapes, dynamism of lines and Italian elegance.”

    Fiat Design Director Lorenzo Ramaciotti on the new Quattroporte
  • Design chief Ian Callum on why JLR needs design centers in US and China

    “We will never design a car around another culture, but we will certainly build into that vehicle certain national tastes for that market.”

    Design chief Ian Callum on why JLR needs design centers in US and China
  • Klaus Bischoff, Executive Director of Volkswagen Design

    “When you are a young designer of course, you think everything is wrong and should be different… You want to conquer the world and with great ideas. But over the time you have to really understand what Golf is.”

    Klaus Bischoff, Executive Director of Volkswagen Design
  • Irv Rybicki, GM Design VP from 1977-1986

    “Harley Earl is responsible for more than half of GM’s greatest 20th Century milestones. The fact this company had exclusivity of all his work and was able to capitalize off his artistic efforts and innovative engineering ideas first, is perhaps why this man’s story is so controversial and a kept secret today in Detroit.”

    Irv Rybicki, GM Design VP from 1977-1986

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  • Honda unveiled the Bulldog concept at the 2015 Osaka Motorcycle Show today. Billed a ‘playful, next-era concept model’, the new 400cc motorcycle pulls together the design cues of the Ruckus (aka Zoomer) with the functional on/off road attributes of...

  • Animal masks, a power-generating sculpture, a mood-reflecting light and a range of clothes and accessories that express the human senses lead the 12 projects selected as finalists in the 2015 Lexus Design Award. This year’s competition took the theme...

  • Remember when the world was seemingly full of blue-sky concepts? Things you never knew could exist were it not for the creative mind of a designer with the artful skills to show it all to you? It was a...

  • 3D printing first appeared in the 1980s, but it’s a process that’s been rapidly gaining momentum. The process is clearly becoming more widespread, with 3D prints moving into areas previously unheard of. At CES earlier this month there was...

  • Today is Christmas Day, and while the festive season is a time to kick back and enjoy the company of family and friends whilst unwrapping gifts, it’s also important to remember the religious significance of this day. And so...

  • Just over a year ago, an unknown Dutch designer named Dave Hakkens posted a video on YouTube that set the internet abuzz. His idea was Phonebloks, and the modular smartphone he proposed was a response to the throw-away culture...

  • There are a fair amount of books available to those who appreciate car design. While some are more elementary in their approach and others more elitist in their presentations, the Ever Since I Was a Young Boy series from...

  • The MB&F M.A.D. (Mechanical Art Devices) Gallery in Geneva, Switzerland, has had a number of interesting pieces on display in recent times. One such exhibition was the Disintegrating and Hatch series created by Swiss artist Fabian Oefner. Now the...

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